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A bit more about the Parlington ponies

The stud was founded by Barbara Johnston who had always had horses and ponies and bought her first miniature shetland for her son Andrew’s first birthday in 1956. It is now managed by her daughter Di and her partner Wilf and consists today of around 70 ponies that run out on the hillsides of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. This environment is perfect for them as the land is not too rich and the ponies get plenty of exercise on the hills. Di started out in a basket saddle on a shetland and has had a lifetime of experience with horses and ponies from pony club, showing, breaking and schooling and riding out racehorses. 
The ponies here are part of the family and are all exceptionally good natured as the mares are watched very closely when foaling so that the foals are handled from birth. They are confident and friendly and are regularly wormed and foot trimmed and are offered for sale at around 6 months of age when they have been weaned. All of the foals are registered with the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society, are microchipped and will be leading nicely at walk and trot and eating hard food when they are ready to leave us. 
Parlington ponies are well renowned for their quality, movement and good nature and have enjoyed a lot of success in the show ring both here and internationally, with 5 generations of ponies winning at the National Breed Shows. 
Not all of the ponies are destined for the show ring so the ones that aren’t make ideal childrens first ponies, driving ponies or companions to other equines. Our aim is to try to ensure that the ponies that we breed are all happy and well so if we know what someone is looking for we will try and find the right pony for you so that both owner and ponies have a long and happy life together. 
As well as the foals we often have a selection of older ponies for sale as well including licensed stallions which can also be leased for a season or longer if required.

Miniature shetlands are ideal  and great confidence builders for children who love ponies but don't feel able to handle the bigger and stronger ones and also for more elderly people who don't want to give up having equines around but can no longer cope with the work of a bigger horse. The most consistent feedback that we get is that without doubt these little ponies bring so much pleasure into many peoples lives all over the world.


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